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Urogynaecology, Laparoscopic Surgery & Gynae Cancer Department

Urogynecologists are medical professionals who have been to medical school and achieved their basic medical degree, followed by postgraduate training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OB-GYN). They then undertake further training in Urogynecology to achieve accreditation/board certification in this subspecialty.

Specialised investigations are performed to investigate urinary problems which include urodynamics or a cystoscopy.

Surgical treatments are offered for stress incontinence and/or uterovaginal prolapse if pelvic floor muscle training is unsuccessful.

We are unique in providing care by a specially trained doctor (urogynaecologist), pelvic floor physiotherapy, urodynamics, and all relevant surgical procedures under one roof.

SumanHospital - Dr.Suman
Dr. Suman Sarda

Lead practitioner in the city for last 50 years. Her contribution has been recognised by many institutions and organisations and she has been honored with various awards.

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